ircle 4.0a5, July 2, 2009

NOTE this is an alpha version. Some things may not work as expected. There are bugs to be fixed. Use at own risk.

New in this version:

- 90% new code, compared to ircle 3.1.2. Moving towards object oriented model and MVC architecture.
- Supports UTF-8 all over. This means ircle can display foreign script systems, and you can type in any foreign script as well.
- Much larger text buffer (uses MLTE from Apple now).
- Removed (*a lot of*) heritage code for OS 9, OS X 10.0 through OS X 10.2.
- New Preferences and window layouts.
- Added search field in server list, and channel list, like the one in iTunes™
- Log files are saved in UTF-8 format as well.
- Runs a little faster.
- Integrated DCC status in Connections window.
- a lot more.

Known bugs and problems:

- Does not read preferences files created by ircle 3.1.2. This will be fixed.
- Some scripts may fail. We are welcoming your comments.
- Faces window does not show anything. We are thinking about integrating the faces (avatars) in the Userlist.
- Text scrolling on 10.3.9 and 10.4 not as expected. Working on that one.
- DCC status does not show all necessary information. DCC does work though.
- Video window needs work. Audio/Video streaming does work.
- Does not contain any other translation than English. Will add new translations soon.

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