Faces are little pictures representations of what we think we look like, or we like people to think we look like.

  Setting up Ircle to use faces

Choose 'Faces' from your Windows Menu. You will get a window called 'Faces'.

  Ircle 3.0.4 only: If your face window says 'No facefile selected', go to Preferences and click on the tab labelled 'Faces'.
Click on the 'Select'-button and show Ircle where to find your facefile (its located in your facefolder which comes with Ircle).
After you selected the facefile click the 'OK'-button or hit return.
Make sure you choose 'Save Preferences' from the File Menu to save your settings.
Ircle 3.1 uses a different method to store faces. There is no need to select a face file in the Preferences.


  How to make a face

A face can be a .pict, .gif or .jpeg-file and should only be 32 x 32 pixels.
Open your face window from the Windows menu.

You wil get a blank faces window. Once you joined a channel your face window will contain several empty squares.


  To set your own face, select your nick in the faces window and click on the 'Set Face'-button. You will get a dialogbox where you can select your face.
If your face is in pict format, click on the 'Open'-button.
If your face has any other format than pict-format click on the 'Convert'-button.
Ircle will convert the file to pict-format which will be saved to your drive, and adds this file to your facefile.

After your face is added to your facefile your face will become visable in your face window.


Please note:
Faces are only visible in your face window if your are on a channel and you have activated the channel window.

  Big faces

Because faces in Ircle are small pictures (they can only be 32x32 max.), a new feature has been added to allow you to use big faces and also add some personal information.
Big faces can be 160x160 pixels.

  Adding a big face

If you want so set a big face for your self, select your nick in faces window and hit option-Set Face. Just like with the normal faces, you will get a dialagbox where you can select the file you want to use for your big face.
The file you want to use for your big face, doesn't have to be same picture you used as your normal face.
After you selected your big face, Ircle will convert the file to pict-format if the file is in a different format and add the picture to your facefile.
When adding the picture is finished, double click on your nick in your face window. Your big face will become visible to you, and you can also add some textual information. Your big face window will look like this.


  Getting a face from another user

If you want to see someone else's face, select the nick of the other user in your face window and click on the 'Get Face'-button.
The face of the other user will be transferred to you via DCC (Direct Client to Client).
After the transfer is done, Ircle will give you a notification that the face has been added.
To see if the other user has set a big face, just double click on that nick in the faces window.